Shopping in Dalian

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Shopping in Dalian

Dalian is a modern city, and the shopping here is of high standard.  There are many traditional items that can be purchased here, as well as many modern and fashionable clothes.  For antiques or gifts, handicrafts, glassware, embroidery work and shell carving can all be found and are popular to the locals and visitors.  Dalian is also a fashion Mecca, the craze for the newest and most trendy styles culminating in the International Fashion Festival that is a celebration of traditional Chinese clothing, and an assortment of garments – e.g. some nice silk clothing - can be purchased here.  Tourists visiting Dalian may consider to buy from the selection of Clothes; Seafood such as sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, prawn, mussel and oyster; Fruits such as cherries, peaches and grapes grown here are also popular in the northern part of China; Artworks such as shell carving artworks, hanging paintings, screens, lamps and ornaments. Embroidery and glasses ornament product are also popular choices.

Dalian Shopping Places 

Location: It is in the downtown area close to Dalian Railway Station.
Qingniwan area is a commercial landmark of the city and a popular tourist destination. With such a prime location in front the railway station, a group of large shops and malls make this area the busiest shopping center in the city.  Qiulin Women Shop and Dalian Shopping Center are two main choices in this area.

Tianjin Walking Street
It is situated Tianjin jie, north of Zhongshan Square and east to Shengli (Victory) Square.  You can take Tourist Bus 801 (B) and 901 from the railway station to get here.
This was a century-old shopping street with numerous shops and stalls.  In recently years, the government turned it into an extravagant European style shopping area with all sorts of well-known brands housed in a great number of skyscrapers. The high-end shopping building, Friendship Shopping City is located in this street.

Xi'an Lu (Road)
Location: In the western part of the city.
This is a popular choice for locals with many supermarkets including Carrefour, Parkson, Wal Mart and other domestic retail outlets. 

Russian Custom Street: Russian shops in Dalian
Location: Russian Custom Street, Dalian, near the Train Station.
This street has lots of shops with signs in Russian, including some restaurants as well.  An interesting fact to know as Dalian was a Russian protectorate until the mid 1900's.

Xin Ma Te Shopping Center
Locates in downtown Dalian, Qing Ni Wa Bridge.
Xin Ma Te shopping center is an integrative and new shopping center in Dalian, which attracts hundreds of people every day.

Shengli Square Shopping Center
Location: No. 28, Shengli (Victory) Square. Situated in the busy shopping area.

his shopping center has a collection of fashionable woman dresses, children's commodities, sportswear and men's suits.  It is a must for shopping lovers.

Qiulin Woman's Shop
Location: No. 108, Zhongshan Lu in the busy shopping area of Qingniwanqiao.
The building offers a selection of woman's merchandise including jewelry, cosmetics, women's clothes and bags.

Xianshi Qiulin Mansion
Location: No. 18, Jiefang Lu.
The 5th floor sells children's commodities and stationery.

Friendship Shopping City in Dalian
Location: No. 8, Renmin Lu, Zhongshan District, near Zhongshan Square.
This former Friendship Store during China's planned economy period has a special place in the hearts of people in Dalian.  You will find all sorts of famous fashion brands from all over the world.

Location: Underground to 6th floor in Int’l Commerce and Trade Center.
This is a Sino-Japanese joint venture retail center with Japanese home appliances, electronic and photographic products.  There is a dining street near the market offering western and Japanese style snacks.

Location: No. 22-238, Xi'an Lu, Shahekou District, at the intersection of Huanghe Lu.
Located in the bustling Xi'an Lu in the western part of the city, this shopping center has good quality merchandise at competing prices - especially food.

Carrefour Supermarket
Location: Close to Parkson at the intersection of Huanghe Lu and Xi'an Lu, Shahekou District.

A French supermarket chain opened in 2000.

Wal Mart
Location: Underground of the Olympic Square at No. 2, Olympic Square, Xigang District.

Tianbai Building
Location: No. 160, Tianjin Jie.

It offers and is selling all kinds of seafood and specialties.  The clothing section provides a complete set of services to cater for the elderly.

New-Mart Shopping Mall
Location: Qingniwan area.

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