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@ Hefei China is the provincial capital of Anhui Province. It has an area of 7266 square kilometers and a population of 3.92 million.

Hefei City is located the middle of Janghuai hilly land, the main part of which is on the gently undulating plain. To the south is the Chao Lake, one of the five famous big fresh-water lakes in the country; it belongs to the subtropical monsoon climatic zone. The annual average temperature is 15.7C and the yearly precipitation, 1000mm; the frost-free period is approximately 245 days.

Machinery, electronics, chemistry, iron and steel, textile, foodstuffs and cigarette are the main industries in Hefei City. The production of refrigerators has occupied a very important place in the country. Paddy rice, wheat, cotton, rapeseed and flue-cured tobacco are the main agricultural products. In fishery, freshwater fishery is cultivated.

Hefei City is one of the important railway hubs of China. Transportation by waterway can enter into the Yangtse River through Nanfei River; Highway and airway communications are very convenient.

In the Hefei city are such places of historic interest and scenic spots as Leisure and Carefree Ford, Mingjiao Temple and the Bao Gong (the upright Judge) Temple. The Town God Temple Fair is a Commercial Street modeled after the ancients with the Town God Temple as its center. On the Chao Lake, mists and waves stretch far into the distance. The landscape is exquisitely graceful. It is worth visiting. There are many local products and specialties, such as handicraft articles made from bamboo, famous paintings, Silver Fish and Sesame pancake.

Hefei travel spots are the famous beautiful Huangshan also named Yellow Mountain, and Jiuhuashan.


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