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 Nanping, China

 (Nanping Travel Guide)

@ Nanping China lies in northwest of Fujian Province. It has an area of 26 thousand square kilometers and a population of 2.89 million.

About 90% of Nanping are hilly. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 19.3C, and has 296 frost-free days. Annual rainfall averages 1,669 millimeters. The range of temperature is wide.

Half of Nanping City is covered with forest. Mineral deposits include fluorite, limestone, coal, tungsten, silver, and copper.

Wood processing and papermaking are the mainstay. Machinery, textile, and electronic are also the main industries of Nanping. The output of China fir and paper rank high in China. The chief farm products are timber, bamboo, grain, and tea.

The Nanping Travel, Wuyishan scenic area is the region's premier tourist attraction close to Nanping. The special locally made products include dried bamboo shoots, mushrooms, oil-tea camellia, oranges, and jasmine wine.


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