Entertainment in Xiamen

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Entertainment in Xiamen 

Close to Guangzhou and with Taiwan across the water, Xiamen is city with little western style nightlife. A few passable pubs and discos dotted around the city and the Night Market located on Ding An Road is very popular.  For those healthy or outdoor-oriented travelers, Xiamen is a lively place.  Water sports are popular in this coastal city, and sailboats, motorboats, scuba diving and water skiing are all available for hire.  Most hotels in the area provide assistance to arrange these activities.  

Bar & Night Clubs in Xiamen 

Biechu Bar
No 36-1, Yuandang Lu, Dragon Garden, Siming District
Tel: 5363232 

Fashion and International Business Club
Lianqian Xi Lu, Dongfang Villa, Siming District 

Tel: 5999898 

Tangchao Music Bar
Xinglong road, Da Tang Square, Huli Di District 
Tel: 5714656 

Xiaocheng Story Bar
No 28, Hexiang Dong Lu, Siming District

Tel: 5179809

Jinzuoan Night Club
No 498, Xinglong road, opposite Datang Shijia, Huli District

Tel: 5633688

Sharenxing Bar
No 37, Binlang road, Lianyi Square, Siming District

Tel: 5334777 

Happy Music Hall Bar
No 2, Huachang road, Huli District

Tel: 5748475

Gege Bar
No 118, Huajia road, Huli District

Tel: 5606850

Black Swan Bar
Hubin 2 Li, Beside the Minnan Tower, Siming District

Tel: 5058082

Beidouxing Bar
No 28, Houlixi road, Huangda Tower, Siming District

Tel: 5187333, 5188111

Suoluomen Bar
No 374, Huli District

Tel: 5596762 

Gelanka Café Bar
No 3, Lianhua Bei Lu, 8, Yingcui Jiayusn, Siming District

Tel: 5132997

Bull Bar
No 287, Haitian road, Huli District
Tel: 6028286 

Laoshulin Bar
No 28, Xianghe Dong Lu, Siming District

Tel: 5057498

Haima Bar
No 33-55, Binlang road, Siming District
Tel: 5334777

Song Bar
No 100-16, Hexiang Lu, Siming District

Tel: 5813839

Night Shanghai Bar
No 45, Binlang road, Siming District
Tel: 5365535 

Jinzhou Bar
Haitian Jiali Garden, Huli District

Tel: 6027259

Golf Club


Orient Golf Country Club in Xiamen
Built in 1995, Orient Golf Country Club is a seaside club.
Orient Golf Country Club is located at Canghai Investment Developing District beside the Maqing highway.  It is 20 minutes driving from Xiamen Airport and 10 minutes driving from the city center.
Tel: (0592) 6531316, 6531307
Hole: 27


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