Scenic spot:
  Keelung's most popular dining spot is Miaokou (Temple Mouth), a large cluster of food stands selling fruit, seafood, chicken rolls, and other Taiwanese snacks and desserts. The temple is Shengwang Temple, which enshrines the Divine Ancestor of the people of Changchou in Fukien province's the area from which a major portion of Taiwan's early settlers came.

Keelung, was a base for 16th century Japanese pirates, and was later invaded by the Spanish, Dutch, French, and Japanese. A few traces of this turbulent past remain. Seagate Fortress, built between invasions during the 1840s, lies on a hill overlooking the harbor's eastern side. A hilltop on the western side offers fine views from the remnants of Dutch Fortress.

Nearby is the Cave of the Immortals, a narrow natural cleft in a hill containing Buddhist shrines and sculptures. Keelung's 200-year-old Pingan Temple contains images of the Earth God and his wife, their faces blackened by centuries of incense smoke.

Hoping( Peace )Park, on an island at the harbor's eastern edge, has fascinating natural stone sculptures and is popular for picnicking, fishing, and rowing.

Keelung, a 40-minute drive northeast of Taipei, is one of Taiwan's international seaports and transportation hubs.