Scenic spot:
Taiwan - Tianhou Temple
Taiwan - Sun Moon Lake
Taiwan - Mount Hehuan
Taiwan - Lungshan Temple
Taiwan - Alishan
  Taichung City, center of economy, communication and culture in the middle of Taiwan Province, is the third biggest city of the Province as well. Situated at the center of the Taichung Basin, west part of the Taiwan Island, Taichung City was established in Qing Dynesty, 1886 (the 12th year of Emperor Guangxu's reign), which was once the provincial capital of Taiwan.

The terrain of Taichung City is high in the north and low in the south, the western side of which though facing sea, yet is blocked by mountains, thus scarcely being the victim of typhoon attack. Renowned as the cleanest city of Taiwan, the streets and roads of Taichung City are neat, quiet and tastefully laid out. There are tourist centers inside the city area, like Zhongshan Park, Baojue Temple and Confucian Temple. They are the cultural center of Budhism of Taiwan, and over years the Budhist dharma gatherings are all held here. Always being known as a city of culture, Taichung has many colleges and universities of high education which are only secondary to Taipei City.

The rural refreshment "Sesame Leave Custard" of the City has its unique taste, while "Whole Heart Dry Bean Curd" is all the rage the whole island over. Also famous are "Sun Cake" for gifts and the superb light refreshments" Xin Fa Pavillion Icy Honey Bean" for relieving heat in summer.