Scenic spot:
Taiwan - Chihkan Mansion
Taiwan - Guanzi Hill
  Tainan City is situated at the southwestern coast of Taiwan Island, at the southern tip of Jianan Plain, overlooking the Taiwan Straits to the west and facing the Penghu Islands, linking with Gaoxiong County to the south and surrounded by the Tainan County to the northeast. Tainan City is Taiwan's most ancient city which, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, served as the seat of Taiwan and had all along been the political, economic and cultural center of Taiwan. Although the provincial capital was moved to Taipei City, Tainan City still remains the most advanced area of culture and education throughout the Taiwan Province and ranks the fourth biggest city of Taiwan.

Tainan has, as a well-known historic ancient city, preserved many important cultural relics and places of historic interest. There are 166 temples and monasteries and more than 40 Christian and Catholic churches in the city. "There is a God at every five steps" and "a temple at three", as the metaphor goes. Over 70 places are classified as first, second and third-grade places of historic interest, such as Chiqian Mansion, Anping Castle, Confucian Temple, Temple to the God of War and Da Tian Hou Palace etc.

Tapped before any other places of the province, Tainan City has become the earliest agricultural area, producing in abundance such fruits as bananas, longan and papaya. Tainan is also famous for its snacks with a great variety of delicacies namely "Du Xiao Yue Noodle in Soup", "Finless Eel Stewed with Noodle", "Carp Fish Porridge", "Vegetable Glutinous Rice Dumblings" etc. Doubtlessly the visitors will have the great appetite to enjoy all the delicacies to their heart content.