Erhai Lake
  Situated in Dali city of western Yunnan Province, Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain are gifted with green mountains, exquisite waters, and myriad scenic spots, plus unique customs of the national minorities.

Cangshan Mountain:- Its 19 peaks extend 50 kilometers north to south in their column formation like a screen. The peaks, straight and magnificent, are overgrown with primeval forests, and 18 springs and streams filled with crystal-clear waters serpentine among them. Waterfalls and surging rivers emit thunderous roars. Malongfeng, the main peak, shoots up into the sky with it's top clogged with dazzling snow all the year round. "Clouds, Snow, Peaks and Streams" are four spectacular views of Cangshan Mountain.

Erhai Lake:- It measures 40 kilometers north to south, and 7 to 8 kilometers east to west on average. The vast blue lake is filled with crystal-clear waters and dotted with numerous white sails. When the wind rises, waves are whipped up breaking upon the shores. At night, the silvery moon sparkles on the rippling lake.

Butterfly Spring:- Located at the foot of Yunnong Peak, the Spring measures about 7to 10 meters wide. Beside the Spring, an old tree spreads the boughs over it. The tree blossoms resembling colorful butterflies, attract large numbers of butterflies from the woods towards them. They link heads with tails and hang themselves on the boughs like colorful ribbons.

It's a spectacular view in Cangshan Mountain. In the vicinity, there are abundant growth of trees, mountain flowers are in full bloom, while birds are chirping merrily, and myriad types of colorful butterflies flutter in the air. Each year, the fourth month of the lunar calendar is the best time to enjoy the spectacle.

Raoxi:- In April, when Erhai lake sides are covered with lush willows, and blossoming roses and azalea flowers, men and women of Bai Nationality in holiday costumes sing and dance to the accompaniment of musical instruments in the area between Gangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake to go in for their happy spring outdoor activities named Rouxi, a ceremony to wish a bumper harvest on the eve of sowing. It lasts throughout 22nd-24th of April. Huge crowds enthusiastically take part in the grand ceremony.