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HK - Tsing Ma Bridge
  The Tsing Ma Gigantic Bridge stretching from Tsing Yi Isle to Ma Wan (Bay), 22,000 meters long, is the longest suspension bridge for both vehicle and railway purposes in the world. It was open to traffic in 1997, linking Landau Island and the urban districts. Parking is prohibited on the Tsing Ma Gigantic Bridge. The Tsing Yi Trunkroute Viewing Terrace to the northwest of Tsing Yi Isle and the Visiting Guest Centre are places for watching and familiarizing with the Tsing Ma Gigantic Bridge with entertainment. The model, pictures and the structure of the Tsing Yu trunkroute are on display in the Visiting guest Centre.

From the Scenery Viewing Terrace, one can see the Ting Kau Bridge, Linking Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wun, totaling 1178 metres long, the longest triplex-towered shape cable bridge of the world. Linking Tsing Yi and Lantau's transportation, another bridge known as Kap Shui Man Bridge, 1670 meters long, is also the longest hoisting cabled bridge providing for both vehicle traffic and railway transportation. These three bridges have been listed as the world's "Three Mosts". The expenditure for the engineering construction of the three bridges is also an astronomical figure.