Lingshui Spring Pool
  Lingshui Spring Pool, anther name Lingxishui is a natural pool. It is situated in the place of 1 km from Wuming County. It is said that two Birds named Lingxi have settled in the pool and were used to come out from water with gloriously lights twinkled whenever it was calm. In the light, they looked very beautiful. So that it is named Lingshui. The Lingshui Spring Pool is 5000 sq km wide in surface and 2-3 meters in deep. The clear spring water originally ran from different nine springs out of a Cave continuously and powerfully, at that time, it was called Jiulong Spring. It has two oddities: Firstly, it is clear all the year around so that everything in the water can be seen exactly. On matter drought or water logging, it would be as usual. Secondly, no matter which season it is, its temperature always keeps about at 23C. It is a natural swimming pool and a training base of State Swimming Team.